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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sacred Heart Cemetery - 86 Year Old Receipt

The above receipt was for the cemetery plot purchased when my brother Emile LeBLanc died 02 January 1925 at the age of 3 years 8 months.  It was receipt No. 901.

It is written in French because Sacré-Coeur/Sacred Heart was a French-Canadian Parish.  Though a mission parish of Ste-Anne that my family attended at the other end of Lawrence, it was intended to serve all of the French-Canadian parishes of the area.

At the time my parents were living at 92 Cross Street as stated on the receipt.  This was a permit for burial.  It states that $10 had been paid and thus obtained for said deceased the right for him and his family members  to bury him in the Sacré-Coeur Cimetière - Sacred Heart Cemetery.

The Section of the cemetery is left blank but states the lot or tomb number as 129A and the following rules listed 1 through 8 had to be followed.

The rules followed the norms of the Catholic Church at that time.  Only people in good standing in the church could be buried in a Catholic cemetery - that meant non-baptized, non-believers, those who died by suicide, those who fought in a duel, those who were excommunicated, lastly all criminals and the like would not be allowed burial.

The church viewed burial grounds as sacred.  Thank goodness those rules no longer exist.  Today, no matter where one is buried the priest or officiant blesses the grave as he/she would have in days of old.
This receipt was signed by A. Millet, S.M. (Society of Mary), Curé/Pastor

It is somewhere in this part of the Children's area of the cemetery
that my brother Emile and two other siblings are buried.
I have no idea where plot 129A would be though 
I hope to obtain a map of the cemetery.

I would also like to know why proper care does not
exist for these unmarked graves.

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14 January 2011 - Present

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